Baby Portrait Photography FAQ

When is the best time for Baby Portraits?

Literally from new born. Newborn baby portraits are the most effective in the first few days after birth. Although this may not be the first thing new parents want to think about, it is worthwhile as beautiful images of tiny toes and fingers will last a lifetime. When booking a session at our West Yorkshire Photography Studio please try and pick a time which fits in with sleep and feed times. Also please avoid times just after inoculations etc.

Can Mum and Dad be in the Portrait as well as Baby?

Our photo shoots are very flexible. If you would like parents to be in a portrait as well as a baby portrait that’s fine. We often take a mum and baby portrait and a dad and baby portrait separately. Within the session we will take a variety of pictures and we can take you with your baby, your baby on its own and with the rest of the family if you would like. At the end of the day it is your photo shoot and we want to create images you will love.

What happens during a Studio Photography session?

After an initial meeting, where we discuss what style of images you would like, we will spend around an hour photographing you and your baby in a variety of poses, There is no limit on how many we will take so we are more than happy to work with any ideas you may have. We are always working on new ideas and many parents just let us take the lead. The whole session is very relaxed with plenty of time to get the best out of the poses.

What happens if my child plays up?

We are very experienced at photographing babies. We know that every baby is different, so don’t worry if your child plays up a bit. We have photographed thousands of children and are used to their ways. Our experience and patience allows us to bring out the best in your baby. Please bring some favourite toys with you.

Will I look good? I’m awkward in front of the camera.

We ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable time in the studio. Guiding you through every stage of the posing means you can just relax, have fun and make the most of your studio time.

Can I include my partner and other family members?

Of course. You and your partner can be included in some or all of the pictures. Older children and relatives (i.e. grandparents) are more than welcome.

What do I wear for my photography session?

Whatever you feel best in. If in doubt bring a choice of outfits and we will advise which will work best. We have changing facilities.


Beware of overdressing your baby, they look great simply as nature intended, showing off their soft skin. Don’t worry about accidents, we’re prepared for them! Do bring a change of clothes, but remember most babies don’t like getting changed too often so we recommend you keep this to a minimum.

Can I have nude or semi-nude pictures of me and my baby?

Of course. Skin to skin portraits of mum and baby or dad and baby showing that close bond between you and your child make wonderful portraits.